Netflix Streaming Titles for August 2014

New on Netflix Streaming

This is the official list of the movies and television shows that will be premiering or coming back to Netflix during the month of August. This list will grow as additional titles are added through out the month so make sure to keep coming back.

For Netflix Streaming titles for August 2014, we’ll be seeing these:

August 7th:

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey(2014)
This is the follow up to the original “Cosmos” series about the nature of time and space.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I and II(2013)
Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, and Uma Thurman are amongst the cast in this 2 part series about a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac.

Stage Fright(2014)
Starring Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf and Kent Nolan star in this musical horror film about a musical theater camp that is terrorized by a musical theater hating killer.

August 9th:

Kill Zombie!(2011)
Zombies attack amsterdam int his comedy/horror film starring Yahya Gaier and Mimoun Ouled Radi

August 12th:

Dancing in Jaffa(2013)
This documentary follows the renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine.

Haven: Season 4
Fans of the Stephen King inspired series can rejoice as season 4 will be available on August 12th

Low Winter Sun: Season 1
The under rated series that lasted only 1 season, premieres on Netflix on August 12th.

August 13th:

The Nut Job(2014)
An all star cast get a little nutty in this animated adventure about a forest full of animals on the edge of starvation. Starring Will Arnet, Brendan Fraser, Jeff Dunham, Liam Neeson, and Katherine Heigl.

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August 15th:
Criminal Minds Seasons 1-6
The hit crime drama on CBS will now be available, only the first 6 seasons though.

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6 Responses to “Netflix Streaming Titles for August 2014”

  1. jim says:

    Looks like online streaming is dying at netflix. The streaming the movies mostly suck. I might stick it out till Christmas, then if they are unable to get a decent streaming movie line-up, I drop plan streaming and just go with the DVDs.

    • The Nerdiot says:

      It’s not too bad, as I go through the research many movies and shows that leave come right back within a month or so. The biggest thing is that Netflix has some really good original programming as well. I wasn’t a fan of Orange is the New Black at first but eventually liked it. As far as movies go though I’ve found that a lot of the indie films are actually really good and with the streaming it gives me the chance to watch movies I’m not going to rent or can’t rent due to availability in my area. For example, “How I live Now” and “Contracted” were not normal movies that I would run right to the video store to rent, but gave them a chance on streaming and they turned out really good. In fact How I Live Now was so good I ended up buying it on DVD. Another title that actually turned out pretty decent was the foriegn film “Beyond the Grave”, if you don’t mind reading the screen, it’s really not too bad.

      • Michael says:

        These movies does not look interesting at all… Personally, I’m an avid horror fan, but I have 2 other people on my Netflix list.. If this does not get better, then I’m going to Redbox Streaming, VUDU, and CinemaNow (since I have both Panasonic SmartTv’s in my home.. I might be better off…

        • The Nerdiot says:

          I’ve heard RedBox streaming has gotten a lot better, and I think they still give out 4 DVD rental codes each month with it, so that’s actually not a bad choice too. Almost pays for itself. I was considering it at one point but I think the only turn off for me is that the closest box is about 12 miles away. You’ve actually given me a pretty good idea, I may put up a comparative list of “hit movies” and see which service really offers the better but from a non bias standpoint. I’ll let everyone else decide I can just provide the information. Would that be something that you’d find useful?

  2. Dan says:

    Any idea when sons of anarchy and the walking dead will be released? (Seasons 6 & 4)

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