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My most recent blog about the new consoles, I recommended not buying one yet. They are expensive, have a pretty poor collection of games and seemingly still some major issues to work out. But after I finished writing the blog, I realised something that I briefly mentioned is overwhelming true. Just buy (or better build) a PC. Oh I know you’re thinking that I am now some elitist PC master race asshole. I am not, really (well maybe a little bit). I can totally justify my choice.

Straight off the bat, something to clarify. PC gaming is not expensive. Yes if you want to you can spend a fortune on a high end PC, however you really don’t have to. If you just want a box to go under your telly, they you can easily get something respectable for about 500 pounds. By respectable I mean you would be able to play Titanfall at 1080p on your telly, something that the Xbox One couldn’t do. Obviously if you want a proper monitor and decent keyboard and mouse then the price goes up a little. But heres the kicker it never gets expensive, and heres why. A copy of Titanfall  for the Xbox One is £50, I have seen on the internet for PC at half that. So that’s the same game as the console, running at a higher resolution for half the price. And that is far from unusual. PC games are consistently less expensive than their console brethrens, even if you ignore sales. Though sales are undeniably a factor, even aside from the now infamous Steam Sales, there is rarely a week goes by where there isn’t a heavily discounted great game on sale. Be it through Steam, on the the great bundles or one of dozen online retailers like get games or green man gaming.

Titanfall Xbox One/PC comparison

Oh and if we are talking about price it is also worth noting that you won’t get charged a penny to play online games on the PC, so that’s another £40 a year you are up. Hell the free to play market, which is still in it’s infancy on the consoles, is thriving on the PC. The free to play started out on rocky ground but is now well established, with great games like Loadout, Hawken, LoL and Lord of the Rings Online all giving you loads to play without spending. Which conveniently leads me onto my next point, console exclusives.

All the great games I have just mentioned are only available on the PC. It is easy to forget, with all the console money securing exclusive games, like Halo and Uncharted, that the PC has hundreds of exclusive games, from the big budget like Starcraft 2, to the tiny budget like Papers Please. Hell you look at peoples top ten lists from last year, you will see PC exclusive games like Gone Home, The Stanley Parable and Papers Please, with pretty much only The Last of Us being the a game you can’t get on the PC. Oh and the PC has the biggest back catalogue of any gaming system, having literally decades worth of playable games.

And this is all without mentioning the vast number of mods and free games that are spread across the internet. Or that you will have a PC, which are pretty handy things to have anyway. For all the consoles connectivity, doing things like picking up your emails, browsing the internet, watching video’s and even writing blogs are easier, or at least far more versatile, on a PC.

So buy a PC or ideally build one. Oh and building a PC really is not difficult, just google how to build a pc and you will have tons of advice, though honestly it is not much more complicated than Lego. Short version it is cheaper, you will get exactly what you want and hell you can even buy it in parts.

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  1. hexdsl says:

    I finally watched the video you linked. the youtube comments made me chuckle. some people are blind :)

    the Xbone version actually looked better than I expected though.

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