Games with Gold Leaked list for 2014 and 2015

Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

There are some sites out there, and Twitter, that are claiming that the list of games for Games with gold has been leaked for up to almost the end of the year 2015. So is this true? how true is this?

So here’s the rumors revolving around these two lists. One of the lists is American. It comes from a blog site, a post that was posted May 1st. The site is if you’d like to take a look.

Here’s the reality. The site owner claims that this list was found in “the system from microsoft by ex-functionary, Alex Kibkalo” And that he displayed the list on reddit. Alex Kibkalo is in trouble for releasing sensitive information in “the form of pre-release copies of Windows RT and Activation Server SKD”. So, just to verify, Alex Kibkalo is real, he really did leak sensitive information.

Now Alex Kibkalo did not work in a section of Microsoft that dealt with the Xbox 360 at all. For him to even be connected to a list pertaining to the games with gold games seems unlikely. I’m not saying impossible, just unlikely. Not the BIGGEST issue with this information is that Alex was fired back in September of 2012, so why would have a list of the Games with Gold 2+ years in advance, when he didn’t even work in that section of Microsoft. Also there was an alleged post on Reddit from “Alex Kibkalo” with this list posted on there.

The list. Let’s take a look at the first list:


What is the first thing we should take note on? The list was said to have been created months ago, well we know Kibkalo didn’t work for Microsoft months ago, or even a year ago. So that means that this list wasn’t accessed by him, if it’s real.

Next, the quality of this list is horrid, this is 2014, at Microsoft.. Why would they keep a list of the games with gold for xbox 360 in such crappy condition? Clearly this was photoshopped, if not edited then created with it.

The truth is, the list could have been created at any time, the domain name repeated in the background shows that they clearly want users to go to their facebook page. I can’t clearly read what it says, other than you can see repeated numerous times. Like I said, this was most likely created by some attention seeker. I could write a list of the past games, and a set of future games and claim it was created by someone as well.

The second list:


Again, this list clearly states(yeah in spanish Portuguese(thanks guys for correcting me, feedback is always great! =) ), I assume, even without speaking the language I can assume) that the list is of the games with gold up to 2015 and guess what, Alex Kibkalo’s name shows up AGAIN.. But there’s something different.. oh yeah, the list is completely different.

The Facts: IF Alex Kibkalo were to have leaked a list of the games with gold, from a section of Microsoft that he didn’t even work for, 2 years after he had been fired, why would there be two lists with similarities and some differences.

Excluding the idea that some of these games are higher than $30 in price, which would mean that 2 years prior to being fired, he(and Microsoft) would have had to have known that these games were not only going to go down in price.. but BE RELEASED/CREATED.

My advice on this list.. Don’t take it seriously. It seems there are a lot of issues, the creator simply wanted to pull traffic to his facebook page. This was clearly a ploy to drive traffic to an unreliable source.

6 Responses to “Games with Gold Leaked list for 2014 and 2015”

  1. redwolf says:

    Its wrong. June’s games have already been announced: Dark Souls and Charlie Murder, plus Super Street Fighter IV (for the one year anniversary)

  2. Filipe Assis says:

    That’s Portuguese, not Spanish…

  3. Aiden says:

    That list is not in Spanish, it is in Portuguese BR.

    • The Nerdiot says:

      Thank you for pointing it out also, I wasn’t sure to be honest, but I had correct it, and again I appreciate the feedback so if you notice anything else on the site that’s off, please let me know

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