Games with Gold August 2014 - Contest

Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

I’m not sure how most of you feel about the games that were revealed for July, but it seems it may be a bit of an upset for some of us. Having Microsoft giving us two arcade games for the month was a bit of a shock, but the games may be worth a shot even if they’re only worth playing for a few minutes. Could this lead the way to maybe 2 games on demand games for August? I guess we’ll see.

Until then, will be hosting another contest starting July 1st and ending on July 31st for Games with Gold August 2014. Last month we asked users to email or send us their pictures of their favorite games to our Facebook Account and boy oh boy did we get a HUGE response. The games you guys enjoy are amazing. Ranging from Call of Duty to Pac-Man!

This month however, we’re going to go a different route, to enter this months contest all you have to do is like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and send a message telling us your favorite video game character. You can also email us your entry to [email protected]

The prize is any game of your choice valued up to $20 USD. Valid only in the United States.

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30 Responses to “Games with Gold August 2014 - Contest”

  1. brazilianguy says:

    Marvel vs capcom 3 and injustice gods among us

    • Tekushi Foxella says:

      It’s impossible. Marvel vs Capcom isn’t on demand, at least as far as I know…

      • The Nerdiot says:

        They took it off I think about 4 months ago. It was a huge rumor for a while(when the “leaked list” came out) that it was going to be an upcoming game with gold title, but that was disproved when we found out it was not available in the store at all and that the list was fake. that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t potentially bring it back just to give it away but I find that extremely unlikely.

  2. Tekushi Foxella says:

    We need Saints Row IV and Murdered Soul Suspect. It’s not likely to happen, considering one is the sequel to an already-gold game and the other is a newer retail game (that is on demand, but… y’know…) so the chances are low…. but I can still hope…

  3. Balogh Laca says:

    Brütal Legend; Assassin’s Creed

  4. cooper A says:


    • coolwinnerboy says:

      yes. i think bo1 or mw3 will be,(accually, i was hoping it for this month ,but they gave us gci :( )

  5. SamPG93 says:

    A Racing game and a Sports game would be nice. They never did those 2 types of games yet.

    I’m thinking that a COD game will be Games With Good since a new COD is coming. COD is getting some heat. COD Ghost got hated by the fans. Maybe there give Black Ops 2 away for free to show that COD is still fun. A lot of people gave up on it.

    • coolwinnerboy says:

      I agree with you. I think they will give us forza horizon or forza4 when horizon2 came out.same think with CoD too(mw3 or bo1 when AW comes out)

  6. Richard Stevenson says:

    Farcry 3

  7. Ryan Vitt says:

    Borderland series and grand theft auto series

  8. Dre says:

    UFC 3,
    Fight Night Champion,
    Or Sniper Elite 2

  9. Ryan Wyatt says:

    1. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

    2. Injustice: Gods Among
    these are the two free games that i thing will be great for August.

  10. Edward says:

    I am Alive,Limbo and DarkSiders. returning three.

  11. Sashok says:

    Sniper elite v2/castlevania 1/deus ex /midnight club los angeles/ dynasty warriors/ assassin’s creed brotherhood/darksiders/
    And why no a retro game? Max payne 1 or 2/ gta sanandreas…

  12. Skyharkerz says:

    Injustice and grakameelee
    Soz if splet wong

  13. rubberduck says:

    I’m just passed I missed so many. I think I started at a world of keflings. Such a lame game.
    I hope for a decent fps. Like borderlands.

  14. Michael says:

    A Need for speed game and a forza Motorsport game

  15. Sevco says:

    1. L.a. Noire
    2. Shadow Complex

  16. Chandler says:

    Injustice gods among us that would be awesome please make this Happen

  17. Mike says:

    Sniper Elite V2 , Portal Still Alive

  18. Alec says:

    I’d like to see a wrestling game like wwe 2k13 something to play with your mates and maybe the first borderlands

  19. TistiK says:

    I think bo1 or 2 , also newer games less chance of going free since thier still new and they could make good money off em still, but bo2 has more players online thier than ghost does, bo2 would be good or 1

  20. johnnyave says:

    Far cry 3 and skate 3

  21. mass effect2 and mass effect3

  22. Mr Pink says:

    I’m going to say they’re going to be army of two and left for dead.

    I’d like to see some of better quality so fingers crossed but that’s my guess.

  23. Kevin says:

    Gears of War 2 and State of Decay.

  24. Aidain Young says:

    diablo 3 and portal 2

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