No doubt many of you out there are currently pondering what console you wish to purchase. With an array of shiny new boxes available to sit under your telly, all vying for your attention, how do you make the right call? Well I am here to make it easy for you, as there if you are in the market for a new console, then there is really only one choice. A 3DS (ok I may have mislead you a little there).

Seriously though, the 3DS is the only logical choice. The Xbone and the PS4 currently only have a dozen or so titles at the moment, and I would argue that none of them justify spending several hundred pounds on them. Even the Wii U (which I own and adore) is hard to recommend as while there are excellent titles, unlike the PS4 and Xbone, it’s library is still pretty small and isn’t going to get much bigger.

This is where the 3DS (or the 2DS if you must) gets it’s recommendation. It has literally hundreds of exceptional games. And, unlike it’s Vita competitor, a lot of these games are fairly unique experiences. I have just finished playing Mario and Luigi’s Dream Team Bros., and I would rank it in the top 5 favourite RPG’s. And whilst it is an RPG, it is also a mad psychedelic platform with a real/turn based battle system. If you want originality in gaming (well console gaming anyway) the 3DS is the best place to look.

Plus there is the fact that it now has one of the biggest games catalogue, as unlike nearly all the other systems it offers backwards compatibility. Oh did I also mention that it is pretty cheap, I got a 3DS XL (the larger edition) and a game for £150 pounds. And that it has one of the cleverest multiplayer components I have ever come across in Streetpass, using other people’s characters as lives and components in your games.

So save yourself a couple of hundred pounds and hold off on the “next generation” and pick up this gaming great. It may seem like the 3DS is for kids, but that is because kids are better at joy and fun than grown ups.

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