Games with Gold September 2014 Contest

games with gold september 2014

So far we have had two great contests for July and August and we’re going to keep giving away free stuff every month! This month we have our Games with Gold September 2014 contest going on. Starting on August 1st and ending September 1st, we are taking enteries to win either a $20 gift card to Gamestop or an Xbox 360 game valued at up to $20 and your choice of game.

So what is the contest this month? We want to know what your favorite FREE arcade title with the Games with Gold promotion has been so far. Here’s how to enter:

You can submit your response to us via Twitter at make sure to #Nerdiots and don’t forget to follow us.

games with gold september 2014

You can also submit your response to us on our Facebook page by either sending a message or posting to the page’s wall. Also, don’t forget to like us on there as well

You can also send us an email with your response to [email protected] with the subject: GWG September Contest

And finally, you can leave your response in the comment section below.

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45 Responses to “Games with Gold September 2014 Contest”

  1. Michael says:

    Dmc devil may cry and counter strike GO

    PS:That’s a arcade game and not pc exclusive

  2. Vicente says:

    Borderlands 2 and Counter Strike GO

  3. Roger says:

    I think it will be a fallout game and arcade game splosion man

  4. personx says:

    You people need to read. It is not a guessing game.

  5. Carlos says:

    People read I agree Blavk ops one is good but I would pick dbz kinect

    • Michael says:

      What about people without kinect?

      • Mandy says:

        My favorite games with gold arcade game so far was A world of keflings , I thought the game was pretty fun, creating stuff with acquired blue prints and making different materials with logs, stones, wool, gems, etc. the add ons are great as well, another one I like so far is Dust.

  6. let this game be free call um ? La Noire its only 20$ bucks

  7. Joshua Scheffler says:

    Gta San Andreas

  8. Bryce Watts says:

    Game opinions for September(choose from this list)
    Devil may cry 2,Fable 2(or Fable 3 again),bioshock(Any),Dragonball Z series(any),grand theft auto(any),naruto(any),trials(any),castle crashers,TMNT,gears of war(any),saints row(any),Star Wars force unleashed(any),arkham Asylum,WWE(any),fall out(any),Skyrim,Borderlands,Injustice,and or Final Fantasy.

    Xbox one
    Trials,angry birds,super time force,contrast,worms,nutjitsu,and or plants vs zombies.

  9. Jason Mccoy says:

    I think xbox will let call of duty mw2 and mw3 for free with gold they are both good games

  10. Salluci says:

    My favorite GWG arcade game so far was motocross madness,with toy soldiers:cold war being second.

  11. Dante Soulest says:

    The best XBLA game that’s been free thus far was, by far without a doubt, Dust: An Elysian Tail. This game was so much fun, it had such a nice and deep story. Plus it has an rpg element of being able to level up and increase some of your stats. Finding out Dust’s background and who he is makes the journey through the game so much fun. It even had a Metroidvania style maps, since you couldn’t get some chests/keys until you got an ability later. The game ran so smooth and it was overall very fun to play, even on the hardest difficulty setting. That was the best free arcade game from this Games with Gold program. :)

  12. Georgia povall says:

    Toy soldiers was my favorite :)

  13. Jordan says:

    For me the free game that stuck out to me was Battle Block Theater. It was a fun game to play with my friends and It passed time when I was bored. It was such a big change to the games I play like CoD or Assassin’s Creed. And I might add it was frieking hilarious

  14. johnnyave says:

    Crystal defenders and borderlands 2

  15. Dr. K says:

    Well, lads. As I have only a Brazilian LIVE account; I just came here on the love for games and for the debate (but feel free to give me a valid live code if I am right :)).

    I have a perception that those selected games - on demand ones - for the 360, are now at US$ 40 range. Generally these games were well received and were somewhat well succeeded on sales. And these games are at the majority of marketplaces worldwide (I.e., Brazilian Live just have something like 380 on-demand titles; US Live have almost 800).

    So, considering that, these are my shots for September (prices are in Brazilian Reais, and we can consider a 2:1 dollar/br real parity:

    - Far Cry 3 (R$79,00)
    - Just Cause 2 (R$ 59,00)
    - Burnout Paradise (R$39,00)
    - Epic Mickey: Power of Two (R$79,00)
    - Tomb Raider (R$79,00)
    - Splinter Cell: Conviction (R$79,00)
    - Borderlands 2 (R$89,00).
    - Dante’s Inferno (R$ 39,00)
    - Kingdom’s of Amalur: Reckoning (R$ 39,00)
    - Metal Gear Ground Zeroes (R$89,00 - quando sair o novo MGS) e
    - Metro: Last Night (R$89,00).

    I do not believe MS will give us juggernauts like COD or Battlefield (we do not have Battlefield 3 and 4 at our 360 marketplace, either!).

    On the XONE, I don’t know… Dead Rising, Super Time Force or, maybe, Valiant Hearts?! Too early to get a real criteria…

  16. Abby says:

    I would want Saints Row IV.

  17. Chandler Viczko says:

    Injustice gods among us please Microsoft it is honestly a great game to pick it is perfect it doesn’t even have to be the first game
    but please please please I really want this game

    Or another good choice is marvel ultimate alliance or the 2nd one they are great games and fun to play

  18. sandy says:

    Diablo 3

  19. Joe Yuricic says:

    I love how people are saying what they’d like or what they think it will be. It wants to know what arcade game that has already been released through games with gold that you’ve enjoys the most. If this is including games in general, I love that we’ve gotten Dishonored. I was truly shocked when it came out. Now if it actually means which ARCADE game, I’d have to say I’ve liked Deadlight the most. It was a different style of Limbo which I loved.

    • Dr. K says:

      Yeah… I haven’t read the text above. In my defense, I used to came here, to this website, just to see any ideas or hints regarding next month free games for the 360. I usually google “Games with Gold Month of 2014″, and I am always redirected here.

      So… I said before what I think we would gain for next month. So I will properly answer the OT question:

      That would be BattleBlock Theater. Awesome multiplayer. I have that “Smash Bros” felling on this game. Fun and chaotic. Fun solo campaign. Fun story. Great voice acting. Great setting. Its a game from the developers of “Castle Crashers”, marked with their hand-draw graphics.

      Loved the online multiplayer. That basketball game is great.

  20. Rudolf says:

    Will need to be the Doritos crash course games 1 and 2

  21. Borderlands 2 most definitely

  22. LeXUS says:

    State of Decay and Counter Strike GO.

  23. TheNanSlayer says:

    I think Dishonoured is an absolutely brilliant game, it was the first time I ever played it when it was released for free and now I’m completing the campaign for the second time. Hooked on it. Deadlight was my favourite Arcade game, enjoyed that however the story was extremely short. Completed it in around 3 hours. I think they should release Borderlands 2, or maybe a Resident Evil game. Or a Skate game, for September of course.

  24. Tyler says:

    I think that Dust: An Elysian Tale and Battleblock Theater are the best arcade games that have been included in the games with gold promotion.

  25. jeremy says:

    hopefully they don’t give a game that sony already gave away. I think dishonored was the 2nd non xbox exclusive that was not already released free on PLUS months ago

  26. Tyler says:

    Dragon Age 2

  27. Sean Stuff says:

    I think its going to be borderlands 2 and Banjo Kazooie game

  28. n00ki3m0nst3r says:

    My favorite has definitely been Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

  29. carl says:

    I would have to say my favorite arcade game offered with games with gold so far has been charlie murder,even though I bought it when it first came out. If you are counting @id games on the Xbox one I choose max curse of brotherhood.

  30. TheMindOfYagi says:

    My favorite arcade game from the games with gold has to be Charlie murder

  31. I would like to see a banjo kazooie game and possibly an older need for speed game

  32. Tony Black says:

    Best XBLA GWG is either Dust: An Elysian Tale, Motocross Madness or my personal favorite WSOP: Full House Pro. Me & my mates havent stopped playing this title since it was released,cracking game.

  33. Nintendy says:

    Xbox One
    Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
    Worms Battlegrounds
    Xbox 360
    Fallout 3
    How to Survive
    Any Call of Duty Game
    Peggle 2
    Halo Reach
    Far Cry 3
    Mortal Kombat
    Any Skate Game
    Kinect Sports
    Sixty Second Shooter Prime

  34. gabriele says:

    dragon dogma

  35. jcgabbitass says:

    so i know this is off topic but has anyone else noticed that diablo 3 has been taken off demand to but like wtf

  36. jow says:

    Gears of war… Was the first game I played. Actually i rented the game because I was so happy to have the 360 pro… But I didn’t have enough to buy a game with it. That was my next gen experience at that time and it was legendary with the awesomeness detail. Cmon! Its gears of war! I own it on hardcopy and the DL version. But now I don’t have to get up to start it.

  37. Vincenzo says:

    It is Halo Reach and Monaco.

  38. marc coltart says:

    Monaco, what’s yours is mine and halo reach

  39. SamPG93 says:

    September Games With Gold is Garbage!!!

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