Games with Gold May 2014 Xbox 360

Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

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Well if you know anything about our Games with Gold section, you’ll know by now that we like to start the speculation EARLY! So what will the Games with Gold May 2014 be?

So, leave your best guess for your games for May and I’ll list then on here with your username. Whoever is right(if anyone), Will win a special prize from when the games are announced! So be sure to leave your thoughts, comments and ideas below.

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Be sure to leave your name and correct email address. Also make sure to guess both games for May(May 1st and May 16th games). If you guess more than 1 for each of the two days, I’ll choose the first one.

    Be sure to:

  • Remember, you are guessing the games for May
  • Include your name and correct email address
  • Only choose 1 game for each day, 2 games total for the month
  • Not choose the same games that someone else has already, only the first person who guess will be listed

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If you post more than 2 games, I will pick what I feel is relevant. If at the end of April when the games are released for May and no one has won, I will randomly pick one person from the top. Someone is going to win.. NO MATTER WHAT! =) Note: If you do not see your games listed in the list yet, check back soon and I will have them added. All entries will be entered on Sunday April 27th, 2014.

Contest ends 4/27/2014. All entries on or after the 27th of April, 2014 will not be entered.


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175 Responses to “Games with Gold May 2014 Xbox 360”

  1. Sophia says:

    Modern Warfare 2/Dishonered and Castle Crashers

  2. Drunken MASTA III says:

    Well Saints Row 2 would be an excellent choice if Microsoft wants to continue with their trend of being generally disappointing almost to the point if insult. Having gotten Saints Row 3 from PS+ A few months back. It’s like they only give games nobody cares about. Where as PS + gives us all of last years major titles. They’ve given us Borderlands 2Bioshock Infinite, , Metro Last light, Remembet Me, and Tomb Raider to name a few. Come on Mixrosoft those are titles. Stop giving us 8-10 year old games and pretending your giving some great gift. Rainbow 6 Vegas? Anyone who wants to play that had already. And if I want to revisit it, it’ll cost me about 4 bucks. Get it together

    • Alex C says:

      That’s because why you stop paying for PS+ you loose the games, with GwG you keep the games forever

      • Adam says:

        Anything multi-player you will still really need xbox GOLD - its the only thing microsoft keeps going back to to defend itself is that you can keep the $3 bargin bin Gamestop game forever (or the 7 year old arcade title) on your account without Gold.

        So on one hand they say you get to keep the game forever, but on the other they make it incredibly difficult to get a lot of enjoyment out of the game without having access to Gold (for a lot of the titles they’ve released anyways).

    • joe says:

      You rent…we own. Talk your smack, but where are your free ps titles now? Gone

      • jeremy says:

        truthfully I really don’t see myself ever stopping PlayStation plus because they keep giving me about 10-15 great games a year. they might give us a lot of crap games too but all those crap games are better than games like citizen revolution(that was supposed to be the good game that month) LOL!!! I think M$ gave us two good(not great) games in hitman and sleeping dogs, but both of those other games Sony already gave away over a year earlier. Hell Sony even has sales that you don’t need plus to get the sale price. M$ says if a game is 75% off if you have gold, if not full price you must pay.

        the way I see it is all I have to pay to a lot of different games is $50 a year.

        I only bought one new game last year (madden 25 anniversary) and I’ll buy that game again …if it comes with sunday ticket. All because of playstation giving me more than I could ever hope to finish playing.

        I bought 2 microsoft games from there sale only to see those 2 games given away free from playstation. batman and tomb rader

    • EliTech301 says:

      Buddy, shut the fuck up. Pull your head out of your ass and realize what they are doing for you . They dot have to do this they are being nice. Would you have to buy the game or get a shitty game for fuckin free. Read this an maybe it’ll knock some sense in to your head… BITCH

  3. The Frosty Jake says:

    They should give us Oblivion. If we are getting old game then why not give us good old games.

    • RRRRRob says:

      lol, oblivion? what a shit game. skyrim rapes that shit

      • anon says:

        no duh you dumb fuck

      • ThatoneKid says:

        But Oblivion was made like in 2007 making a 7 year difference here but it still competes with skyrim just because of the spells you can make compared to the one spell you spam on an enemy in skyrim.

        I say give us Fallout New Vegas/ or 3 and one of the batman games.

  4. Davie says:

    I would like to see Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

  5. Michael Cohn says:

    I’m feeling Dead Island: Riptide and Batman: Arkham Asylum

    • Auto says:

      Those games are way too recent, the trend seems to be games form 2011 and back old classics, I believe it will be either trials or far cry 2

    • B-Bob-Joe69 says:

      I would love to have those games on games with gold but dead island already came out and batman arkum asylum might be too new for games with gold. Plus, they are having a sale on batman right now.

    • Mohamed says:

      Buddy I am not trying to be mean but dead island has already been for free ;)

      • Just Saiyan says:

        Buddy I’m not trying to be mean but he said Dead Island: Riptide. The first Dead Island was free, you’re right. Riptide however was not.

      • Voodademonical says:

        Dead island riptide was never free dumb ass xD

        • DAKLLA says:

          Hey Bra sorry But dead island riptide it was free in south Africa bra so Ja i think you must learn how to use google sorry bro but yhea go and do research before you say someting that dont even make sense Peace out sukker

  6. Koffin says:

    I think the starting game will be Hitman: Absolution and the 2nd game Terarria

  7. Amanda says:

    Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption.

  8. David Fowler says:

    i think it might be, command and conquer or call of duty 3, fallout or oblivion hoping its not gonna be something like the Simpsons - dave

  9. Yousef says:

    Modern Warfare 3,Trials

  10. Scruffy_Bunny says:

    i hope its blur and Terraria

  11. Josh Morris says:

    For April it is going to be hitman absolution and dead light ( I haven’t heard anything about terria as each game released is around 3 to 2 years old and I do believe terria is only about 1 year old correct me if I am wrong.)

  12. JohnS98 says:

    -Forza Motorsport 2 -Joy ride Turbo

  13. cntryman73 says:

    Microsoft has said it will bring the Games With Gold perk to Xbox One. How? There are not enough crappy titles that they can giveaway for free…unless they spend money porting old 360 titles to the XO. Rainbow Six: Vegas? Why not just give me Doom or the first Medal of Honor game? Or just merge your GWG into your Rewards program and give me points/money? I already bought Deadlight when it first came out and I own Absolution…so I get nothing this month.

    • Shadow Pandora says:

      It will be like Instant Game Collection is for PS4 now. Just indie/ arcade titles at first. I am calling it now, the first free Xbox One game when the program starts will be Loco Cycle.

  14. Shadow Pandora says:

    Predictions for May 2014 free games are Alan Wake and Mark of the Ninja.

    • R0n says:

      I think they already released Alan wake in a different country like we the UK had dead rising 2 and Germany had metro2033

      • Shadow Pandora says:

        I keep hearing that about Alan wake but no one can tell me when or in which country it was available.

  15. NameRequired says:

    Orange Box and Far Cry 3

  16. Alex L says:

    They need to release Dead Island: Riptide and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

    I’m sorry, but I AM DESPERATE to try out The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and I think it would be awesome if they released it for free in May 2014 or June 2014 for Games with Gold

    • The Nerdiot says:

      I’m right there with you. I don’t want to shell out the cash for survival instinct, but I REALLY want to play it. Everyone says it’s awful so I can’t justify spending the cash on it yet.

    • Shadow Pandora says:

      Walking Dead SI was just on sale for $12.49, for some reason they didn’t advertise it on the dashboard, Major Nelson announced it and you just kind of had to know about it otherwise.

  17. R0n says:

    GTA 4 and halo odst

  18. johnathon says:

    gta iv and s’plosion man

  19. Mac And Sonic says:

    The Amazing Spiderman Or Dragons Dogma (X360 TITLE) State of Decay or Sonic Adventure 2 (arcade title)

  20. It's me says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Orange Box and dynasty warriors 8

  21. Luke says:

    Far cry 2 and IloMilo could possibly be the next gwg

  22. Jesse OToole says:

    No impossible maybe separately but not in the same month, Microsoft has a trend where it is on main release game and one arcade so maybe separately but not together

  23. Jeremy Marshall says:

    I think Just Cause 2 and State of Decay…

  24. noomed says:

    burnout paradise and hoy rose :)

  25. noomed says:

    upss the arcade. game. is. joy ride :(

  26. Danny says:

    Mass Effect - The Cave

  27. Dalzii says:

    Fable 3 and white noise online

  28. kushpiffnsip says:

    it will be sacred 2 to promote sacred 3 and trials hd

  29. king says:

    sacred 2 to promote sacred 3 and trials hd

  30. noomed says:

    well i think….. Burnout paradise and mad track.

  31. simon says:

    payday 2 would be fuckin awesome

  32. kamil says:

    assassins creed brotherhood
    need for speed

  33. Ewan says:

    I would like to see red dead or maybe something like skyrim as first game

  34. Cody says:

    It may be a bit optimistic, but I am hoping for Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3.

    • Kim says:

      Sorry Cody to optimistic. I think ether ac 2 or mini ninjas and ether
      Castle crashers or castle miner z all though castle miner would be
      Dissapointing because I have it. Anyone els with me ?

  35. Devin says:

    Devil May Cry 4 and Final Fantasy 13-2

    • The Nerdiot says:

      I don’t think they’ll be able to give out a FF title, although I think it would be nice that’s for sure, even though I just purchased all the FF 360 games =( lol

  36. David Madden says:

    Arkham asylum (to get more people into the series since Arkham origins dlc is popping up a lot on my home screen. Seems like a sound idea) and left 4 dead 2 (because it’s a classic and most of the people who were gonna pay for it but don’t have it by now would just probably just buy it used so they’re not really losing anything)

  37. Reece Draper says:

    I think it will be Red Dead redemption and trials HD

  38. dakota bischoff says:

    Army of two TWD. Medal of honor airborne.

  39. Brandon says:

    I WISHH they give red dead redemption and black ops 1 I would be so over joyed even if they were both on separate months

  40. Hobison says:

    Batman Arkham asylum and dungeons and dragons: daggerdale

  41. Anime Takashi says:

    Ich wäre für The walking dead survival instinct morden warfare 3 und dead island

  42. Anime Takashi says:

    sorry modern warfare

  43. redwolf says:

    Would love State of Decay to be there at some point, and I never had GTA 4 so I wouldn’t mind that

  44. Dr.Funkenstein says:

    Limbo+Mass Effect (1)

  45. Harvey says:

    Gta V and aliens colonial marines

  46. atrujano10 says:

    Darksiders and Portal

  47. Undeadmatrix says:

    Dead island: riptide/splinter cell: blacklist

  48. You should put a Farcry 3 and Injustice gods among us

    • redwolf says:

      I love the optimism, but unfortunately we all know Microsoft are not that generous with what they give away for free :(

  49. Jake says:

    1st guess dark souls and trials evolution and 2nd guess dishonered and joy ride turbo

  50. Tyler Stephens says:

    Need for Speed: Hot Persuit and Trials HD

  51. RRRRRob says:

    Whoever is guessing two real games and not 1 game and 1 arcade obviously haven’t been paying attention. they give 1 game + 1 arcade each month. Civilization > dungeon defenders > hitman > deadlight easy enough trend to see

    • redwolf says:

      Well we have seen 2 arcade games released on games with gold in the same month (November- World of Keflings and Iron Brigade) and 2 full games (August- Crackdown and Dead Rising 2) so we could possibly see that again.

  52. Archimedes says:

    Portal-Still Alive and a random sports game. Like tiger woods 2008 or some shit

  53. oturan says:

    i hope we get state of decay i need a good zombie game with dead island i just dont like that its set on an island i dont like that tropical crap i hated deadlight for reasons which i dont even know i just hated it dead rising 2 is fine but i didnt have gold at the time its funny i didnt have gold for games like dead rising and assassins creed but as soon as i get a 1 year membership they hit us with iron brigade and civilization revolution

  54. Martial Bernier says:

    I am hoping for dead space if it already hasnt come out with gwg or driver sanfransico

  55. Robo RaBBit 121 says:

    Mass Effect/Battlefield and arcade game the Shadow Complex

  56. Ian says:

    Bio shock and minecraft

  57. Ian says:

    Bioshock infinite and minecraft

  58. Ozzy says:

    Left 4 dead 2 and state of decay

  59. Finn says:

    Dishonored and state of decay would be awesome.

  60. coolwinnerboy says:

    i am waiting for a very known title for may 1st like nfs:most wanted(2012)

  61. redwolf says:

    Whoever said ‘White Noise Online’: That is an indie game so that will not be featured. Also Fable 3 and Hitman Absolution have already been featured on Games with Gold, so I’m not sure why people are guessing that they will be next. But there have been some good predictions so far, and I wish Microsoft would actually read forums like this to see what the fans want!

  62. gamer dude says:

    GTA V and Red Dead Redemption

  63. Likwid says:

    Hmm. maybe minecraft and a Far Cry I hope.
    Btw I making my own Xbox area site if like sign up on the forum email me.

  64. Allen says:

    Fallout: New Vegas and state of decay

  65. Joe Andrew says:

    Def Jam Icon, Nba street homecourt

  66. Caleb says:

    I think it’ll be arkham asylum & call of duty 2 or 3

  67. B-Bob-Joe69 says:

    I would love to see Skyrim and castle crashers.

  68. B-Bob-Joe69 says:

    More ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!

  69. Scai2k says:

    I dont expect limbo or borderlands.

    I guess they will Release Trials HD/Evo (cause of Trials Fusion)

    And a fulltitel.. Something like Mirrors edge (i realy hope for it)

  70. Lochlann says:

    Spelunky and Bioshock

  71. GNARrowMinded says:

    Think its funny how everyone refers to PS Plus as a rental.. quit being broke and pay your subscription. I sure as hell wouldnt be buying a subscription based on what free games it gets. PS sucks for service but keeps giving stellar games. And Xbox is decent with service and gives shit games. Seriously, if you like any of the titles they have given with exception to Dead Island, you have shitty taste in games. Yeah some were big name titles.. 9 years ago. This whole promotion came with this message. To REWARD LOYAL GAMERS. How is giving shit most loyal gamers have played to death rewarding? Makes no damn sense.

    • redwolf says:

      Dude, the oldest game on GwG is Gears of War, released in 2006. I guess that is pretty old, however Sleeping Dogs? Awesome Open World? What Year? 2012. Hitman Absolution? 2012. Not that old. And since these games are actually quite good, along with some of the other games (Fable 3, Dead Rising 2, Civ Rev etc.) it would seem it is YOU with the shitty taste in games.

  72. GNARrowMinded says:

    On another note..
    My wish: oblivion/skyrim even threw an old game in there.. and alan wake american nightmare.

    Reality: spider man and ilo milo

  73. Dean says:

    I would love to see GTA San Andreas and Saints Row The Third

  74. Xero_Render says:

    If I had to pick any games to come out for mays freebie games, it would be Fallout New Vegas and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

  75. Nitrodaepicface says:

    I think that it will be Bully: scholar ship edition first and then Trials HD second as they are both oldish games and are descent.

  76. GNARrowMinded says:

    GTA San Andreas is an Xbox Original.. very unlikely. Would piss alot of people off. Including me. I bought that game 5 years ago during a sale for 2 dollars. And to all the Call of Duty hopers.. unless they give Black Ops 2 or newer all your getting is the campaign. Multiplayer is so hacked up its pointless to play on every single game up until BO2..

  77. Note to OP; you should have cross out text on games on the future Games with Gold list already released, like Assassin’s Creed 2, and sequels/prequels; Dead Island Riptide, because I believe GWG will not go back on already GWG games and don’t touch game series.(so you buy the complete series.) They are also usually based on publishers instead. (ie Microsoft Studios: Halo 3/Fable 3, Square Enix: Sleeping Dog/Hitman Absolution, and Ubisoft: Rainbow 6 Vegas/Assassin’s Creed 2) I just like to point that out and also help people decide on their choice.

    Anyway my guess for May 2014 Games with Gold are:
    Mirror’s Edge (EA)
    Perfect Dark (MSS)

    Extra Guesses:
    Lost Planet
    Perfect Dark Zero
    Resident Evil 5/6
    Dark Sector

    • By no sequels/prequels; I mean like we get a game like Assassin Creed 2: No AC1 (prequel) or Brotherhood/Revelations/AC3 (sequels) soon for GwG so that we buy them from Microsoft in order to catch up on the story. (Marketing strategy)

  78. Will says:

    Need for Speed most wanted 2012 and far cry 3 blood dragon!

  79. Ryan Davis says:

    Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, Viva-Pinata

  80. GNARrowMinded says:

    And after doing a little research.. the new head of Xbox said he plans on upping the GWG starting in may. Should be alot better games in may

  81. Brandon Gerber says:

    Ghost recon 2 and alien breed episode 1

  82. chris says:

    For May 1st I think it would be lost planet 2 or skyrim and on may 16 section 8

  83. George Lehman says:

    First, Left 4 Dead 2, followed by Dark Souls.

  84. jmnjcl11299 says:

    I think it will be far cry 2 and battlefield bad company

  85. Luke says:

    Hi guys, please check out my blog. Tons of reviews for Xbox 360 are about to follow, news too. I promoted this blog by posting a link, please promote mine by telling your friends and posting about it. Here’s the link:

  86. ZephyrGaming says:

    Fallout 3 and Alien Hominid

  87. Berto Erratik says:

    I’m thinking marvel ultimate alliance 1 or 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom since captain America just released and the amazing Spiderman 2 is coming out. It’s a good time to bring some attention to marvel games.

  88. coolwinnerboy says:

    Nfs:most wanted(2012) and bf:1943

  89. Jake Bosse says:

    Monday night combat, borderlands 1
    its a long shot

  90. zak says:

    Red dead redemption and gta4

  91. fallenslayerx1 says:

    For my guesses i would have to say Bioshock 2 and Mortal Kombat 9

  92. Daniel says:

    FarCry 3 and Braid ;)

  93. Tom says:

    First of all why are people posting 2 games? They’ve never done 2 full games always a full game then a arcade game, I doubt it will be a game they’ve done already or a sequel to a game they’ve done also GTA V is definitely out they won’t do a game that is still making 49.99-59.99 it will be a game most likely 3+ years old so maybe like

    Battlestation Midway

    Idk alot of arcade games highly doubt it but I’ll say


  94. AJ says:

    Red Dead Redemption and Modern Warfare 2

  95. Swimmies says:

    Resident Evil 5 and Battleblock

  96. Ryan Osborne says:

    Tomb Raider and maybe Halo ODST

  97. Bad Instincts says:

    My votes goes to Just Cause 2 and Torchlight.

  98. Albert says:

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning & Trials Evolution

  99. Austinsparrow says:

    Based on the fact they have been using older ges I believe for we will be seeing

    Army of Two and I Am Alive

  100. bateboyback says:

    I would say Batman Arkham City and Trials HD. I’m thinking Batman because they just release a new one and Trials because Fusion just came out

  101. Mortal Kombat & COD:Modern Warfare 2

  102. jack fishburn says:

    skulls of shogun may 16th and tomb raider may 1st.

  103. Dead Space and Castle Crushers

  104. GNARrowMinded says:

    To whoever said something about 2 whole games never happens. Might change here in May. Phil Spencer said GWG will look totally different in the coming months..

  105. GNARrowMinded says:

    And whoever said Tomb Raider and Shogun… lmao the dude who puts that video out is never right. He said saints row 2 and terraria in april.. hahaha

  106. GNARrowMinded says:

    And no redwood.. if you think civ rev and sleeping dogs good taste. You might need to go check your brain. And Sony has been getting all the hit titles of 2013.. newest game we have is 2011 or 13.. you must have just got your xbox if you havent played any GoW or Halo 3.. the only games worth a shit are all zombie games. Pretty sure that is a fail! And your taste in games is bland! Tower defense and zombies.. you have such good taste.. go play castle crashers and keep letting real gamers play real games. If you want tower defense go to pc. Quit trying to bring pc to console.

  107. GNARrowMinded says:

    They gave sleeping dogs because they couldnt afford a game thats 5 years older in GTA IV.. it pays to know someone who is on the marketing panel at Xbox. They are not gonna give any game that has a possibilty to earn more revenue. And GTA IV is still selling believe it or not. They gave Dead Island when all the GWG board members were pushing RE5.. even though they could have given DI Riptide or RE5 they gave the oldest of the 3..

    • Tim. R says:

      Somebody correct me if im wrong but im sure resi 5 is 2 years older than dead island, 2009 (resi 5) n 2011 (dead island). So by your reckoning we should really of been given resi 5 that month…so much for being in the know eh..

  108. Tyler says:

    Honestly it hink they will be doing archam asylem and possibly yugioh decade duels plus

  109. Talith says:

    Minecraft and Fallout 3

  110. MunkeyBomar says:

    MW3 and State of Decay would be awesome

  111. XxJoe30031xX says:

    tomb raider and skull of the shogun

  112. Angrybuns21 says:

    Dust an Elysian Tail and Borderlands

  113. jay says:

    just cause and PGR4

  114. Transformers War for Cybertron & Worms Revolution

  115. Bryan says:

    Dust: An Elysian Tale and Minecraft

  116. GNARrowMinded says:

    Its lookin like Dust an Elysian Tale. While PS3 gets Payday 2, PES 2014, Skullgirls Encore and Puppeteer. M$ is a fucking joke. And Phil Spencer you sir are a fuck! Not a true gamer at all. These GWG have been embarrassing.

  117. Devin says:

    I’m guessing…….. Maybe Tomb Raider ands Skulls of Shogun. Two of my favorite games.

  118. Causener says:

    May 1st - Dust: An Elysian Tale

    May 16th - Halo Wars

  119. Alberto says:

    I Think it’ll be Dust: An Elysian tale and Skulls of the Shogun…

  120. Optimumjay says:

    Sniper Elite V2 and bastion

  121. Eduardo garza says:

    Toma raider And Castle crashers

  122. zion says:


  123. Max says:

    Amazing spiderman and Gotham city impostors

  124. barto says:

    i cant stop overhearing u guys..but i think it is kinects time now,and yes that means a kinect game might b free nxt month…or…….any batman game….or…..gta iv…or….minecraft…

  125. doomsday says:

    Resident evil revelation

  126. bart says:


  127. Luke says: for all updates on xbox 360 games and reviews on certain titles as well. Also, see the most likely prediction for the games for May.

  128. GNARrowMinded says:

    Garbage with Gold again! Who ever heard of dust? These games are taylored to little prepubescent children. Payday 2 sounds much more fun.

    • jack fishburn says:

      actually GNARrowMinded i have heard of dust and payday 2 is way overrated it has terrible graphics and is boring after a while and is very repetitive

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