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Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

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The Games with Gold May 2014 games are almost here, but what are they? A few reliable sources(only rumors) are pointing to a few games that could potentially be the free games for the month of May. Each month it seems that the internet explodes with rumors on a multitude of sites saying they know what the games will be for the next month, sometimes weeks in advance. Honestly, until the first of the month we have no idea what they will be and can only speculate. However, There are a couple sites out there that have been able to accurately guess these games each month. Microsoft has apparently said that the games with gold promotion will be better starting in May, we’ll see.. So here’s what is rumored to be free on May 1st, 2014.

Dust: An Elysian Tail


This game is one of the biggest rumors set out there for May right now. It’s priced at $14.99 on the Xbox marketplace and could potentially be our next game. I haven’t actually played this game, I’ve heard bad and good about it, but I guess we’ll see if this is truly the next free game

Tomb Raider(2013)


Tomb Raider is most likely not going to be coming, considering they have already released a Tomb Raider game with the GWG promotion. I would like to see this, but I don’t see this happening. The game is cheap now(Roughly $20 or less) and has only been out for a year.

Skulls of the Shogun


If this turns out to be true, I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed, including myself.

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25 Responses to “Games with Gold May 2014 Promotion - Games”

  1. Nero says:

    None of these games will be May the 1st’s game, Microsoft release a Games on Demand game on the 1st and an arcade game on the 16th. So my guess is Dust on the 16th and on the 1st a GoD. It will be intresting to see but i don’t think tomb raider will be there. They released the X1 version recently. And i think it’s the same only graphics differances. Thanks. -Nero

    • The Nerdiot says:

      I agree, I think the Tomb Raider game would be ok, but we just had a TR game so I don’t see that happening, the guy spreading this one seems to be really set on a Tomb Raider/Skulls of the Shogun combo, but I don’t think either will happen. Dust seems to be the most reasonable, the non-XBLA game, I have no clue lol. I personally think it’s going to be RE5 maybe 6, only because they seem to be really set on these zombie games lately(but then again I don’t think they have a chance because of that same fact too), or I could see fallout 3 happening sans the addons. They can give it away, force people to want to get the addons, bringing the game to make a little extra money. I can’t say for sure what’s gonna happen, I do know that the second I get a valid set of games they will be posted on here.

    • Just Saiyan says:

      That pattern has not been consistent throughout Games With Gold. Correlation does not imply causation.

  2. Dennis says:

    I guess it’s gonna be borderlands 1 or 2. The last dlc for bl2 is just out, so iT would be an iDeal time to be an games with gold game. These games have tons of DLC which could mean profit for gearbox and ms. Also, with the new game coming this fall, they’ll probably want to attract new people to the franchise.

  3. GNARrowMinded says:

    They have given an arcade title on the first on 3 different occasions.. if the page has been.successful predicting before then that means this will be the game May 1st. And as far as games making people disappointed, all 3 of those games are garbage and designed for children. If this is how M$ comes this month while Sony gives Payday 2, Puppeteer, PES 14, and another fighting game. Then im officially done. They keep taking into concideration these garbage ass FTP bricks. No one plays those. And the one they do want to play(Warface) is unplayable. Id rather do what you dumbasses call “rent” the games from PS Plus. I wouldnt let my subscription lapse.. so just like with M$ i get to keep the games. And anyways im sure most everyone partaking in this GWG are playin these games and then deleting to never play again. So its pretty much like renting.

    • Arnold says:

      Nero is right, Also if Payday 2 is on there i would be surprised. It’s been out monthes and still not 1 update, The game is unplayable if you brought it for stealth. The developers have said they have put out an update for cert many times but MS keep sending it back for having too many GB. We normaly get a GoD then an arcade game. The free to play games are played by people. I enjoy Ascend and Warface. Happy wars and Spartacus have their own fans i’m sure. Warface is new and like many other games of course it will have server issues. Gta:Online and ghosts both had this problem at launch too.

      • SaviorMoney says:

        IMO, World of Tanks is the best F2P that they have. The servers run smoothly and new content is always being added. Its been out just over 2 months and they have nearly doubled the number of maps and added several new tanks. It doesnt have the following that the PC version has but then again, neither does console gaming in general

    • SaviorMoney says:

      I work for Sony but Have both. PS+ is BY FAR the better service but what I like about GWG is that I get exposed to games that I would not have played otherwise. Defense Grid is a perfect example. I NEVER would have played that game had they not given it to us but I actually enjoyed it. Sure it was disappointing to not have a AAA title but that is why I have PS+. That is where I get my GOOD games. Overall, GWG is a joke but not as big of a joke as the 20 MSP that they used to give us for a birthday present. Today is my birthday and I was actually happy to get nothing from them, as opposed to being insulted with what amounts to a quarter. I was impressed when they gave us Sleeping Dogs and Dead Island. Why cant they just give us GoD games every time?

      • Why did people vote this comment down? Microsoft fanboy much, fellas?

        • trikky143 says:

          There are a few things in the original comment that people could easily disagree with. For instance, I don’t agree that we should get Games On Demand every time. I often enjoy the arcade titles as much as , if not more than, the full Games On Demand titles. And many people do not agree that PS+ is better. Personally, I think they both have positives and negatives, but PS+ is a little better.

  4. GNARrowMinded says:

    I have downloaded every GWG.. and now my HDD looks like i run a day care… all childish tower defense, or zombies.. yay zombies.. who doesnt have 5 zombie games already?

    • SaviorMoney says:

      Not ALL of the games were childish and there was ONE tower defense game. Now, dont get me wrong. Im NOT defending MS. This promotion is a joke when compared to what their biggest competitor is doing but there have been a few good games for grown ups. Sleeping Dogs, Halo 3 and Rainbow Six: Vegas arent tower defense, childish or zombie games. Its nothing compared to what I have gotten with PS+ but they have given us a few good titles

  5. Colin says:

    I’d love to see Tomb Raider on GwG, it looks like an epic game that i’d be playing for a while. I hope that Dust wont be free because I bought it a long time ago when it was on the weekly sales. But i’m excited to see what will be available either way :)

  6. Mark says:

    They should do what they did with Dead Rising 2 but 2 games for free for 2 weeks before they went on to the next game.

  7. doomsday says:

    Resident evil revelation

  8. alfonzo says:

    how about gta iv and state of decay

    • SaviorMoney says:

      Thats wishful thinking dude. It would be nice but, I doubt it

      • maskonflov12 says:

        gta 4 is not to wishful seeing as many of the games are older games but state of decay thats probably not gonna happen but ive seen weirder come from microsoft

  9. Tom says:

    Won’t be Tomb Raider they already gave a Tomb Raider game and this game was on sale for like $7 when the game became free

  10. Tomm says:

    Gta 5 and darksouls 2 thank you.

  11. VelvetRadiation says:

    I can tell you Tomb Raider will not be a GWG game for a while as it is bundled with the 250GB 360 and I’ve noticed that they don’t put games on GWG that comes bundled with their system. I would hover like to see Halo 2 available at one point.

    • Catman says:

      Good point on TR, but I don’t think they’ll ever give away original Xbox games like Halo 2. Although, there are a few I wouldn’t having

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