New Movies on Netflix Streaming June 2014

New on Netflix Streaming June 2014

Netflix has been releasing some really amazing movies, in May we saw Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, From Dusk til Dawn, a new season of Digimon appeared on there among other great movies and shows that were added. Now even though Netflix is raising the price per month, it’s worth it. Remember though if you’ve been with them long enough(I guess if you’re a current subscriber) then you won’t be affected by the price increase for 2 years. So you’ll be staying at the 7.99 a month rate. They’ll be increasing their rate by as much as $2 USD. But here’s a reason for you to keep your Netflix, or even start up a subscription now.

For the list of Movies and Shows expiring in June, 2014 click here.

Here’s the list of New movies on Netflix streaming June 2014:

The Adventures of Milo and Otis
Apocalypse Now
At the Earth’s Core
The Believer
Better Than Chocolate
Blood and Chocolate
The Chorus
Clear and Present Danger
Cold Mountain
The Craft
Dance with Me
Ever After: A Cinderella Story
First Knight
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Iron Monkey
Lady Vengeance
Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force
Left Behind: World at War
The Man from Snowy River
The Mean Season
Mission: Impossible 3
My Baby’s Daddy
Picture Perfect
Popeye (Robin Williams)
A River Runs Through It
The Stepford Wives
Wayne’s World
We Were Soldiers
XXX: State of the Union

And don’t forget this starts up on June 6th!

Orange is the New Black: Season 2

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8 Responses to “New Movies on Netflix Streaming June 2014”

  1. hexdsl says:

    Apocalypse Now :)

  2. Homer says:

    That’s why I canceled streaming….

  3. djderrty says:

    WTF netflix O.o nothing good ?

  4. djderrty says:

    wow netflix O.o nothing good ?

  5. tofuuu says:

    Apocalypse Now and Clear And Present Danger… That’s basically all that is good there, along with Oldboy which at best it’ll be the awful dub and, at worst, the Spike Lee monstrosity. That’s three movies that have previously been on netflix and have just sporadically been dropped and re-added. And you’re saying this is WORTH keeping a subscription for? How much were you paid to say that one?

    • The Nerdiot says:

      This list, although very short, does have a couple good titles that probably most people already own(Apocalypse Now, Wayne’s World, The Craft), but the main reason I say that it’s worth keeping your subscription is because of Orange is the New Black season 2, I enjoyed the first season and I’m looking forward to the second and I think a lot of others are as well. Some people didn’t know that there even was going to be a season 2, and I think that just that alone is worth keeping the subscription. Other movies, such as Loser, MI:3, and Popeye(which brings back memories from childhood back when “Hot to Trot” and “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking” were popular) which I have no intentions on ever buying but still enjoy, it’s better than watching them on cable with all the interruptions and edits for 8 bucks a month.

      It’s really about the person and their tastes, I think it’s a pretty decent list, not only that but Netflix is known to just add movies and shows randomly as well.

  6. Riley says:

    We got World War Z and Star Trek into Darkness?

    • The Nerdiot says:

      Not sure when they added World War Z, but I did see that last night actually. They’ve also added the 7th season of Doctor Who, My Little Pony(the new series), Aqua Teen Hunger Force season 2, Season of Pokemon, and a few random movies here and there that probably aren’t worth mentioning lol

      They like to give us a list of what’s coming, then add stuff without letting anyone know other than through an email where they inform us about one new title.

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