Games with Gold Contest Rules

Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live
How does this contest work?

During the time period set for the contest each month, normally starting from the 1st of the month and lasting until the 1st of the following month, contestants will email or post their screenshots of their favorite games on the Nerdiots Facebook page or send to the email address posted in the contest month page. Please include the name of the game so I don’t have to guess what it is. Screenshots should belong to the user sending them. I cannot validate that they are yours or not and you are responsible for any issues contained within that. I will randomly pick 10 screenshots each week. And then at the end of the contest I will pick the top 3 randomly and they will be posted on Facebook and on Then one last random drawing out of those 3, the winner will be chosen.

This seems like a lot of just random-ness, why is this contest like this?

It really is, but here’s the thing, we can’t guess the games with gold anymore, they are posted and users find them and post the games on there before I even find out that they’re released. So, that’s not very fair if someone already knows the games and posts them. We also had this issue with the “leaked” list that came out where everyone thought the games were already picked. Now this gives me a chance to see what games people like(hopefully some oddball games out there) and we can post reviews, gameplay tips, and other information regarding the games you guys like. And this gives us the chance to be fair to everyone.

Why am I submitting my screenshots to email or facebook?

The past 2 contests it has been EXTREMELY difficult to contact the winners. I need a valid way to get a users contact information so I can award out a prize faster.

You’re collecting my e-mail address, is it only used for this contest?

Each month as I receive e-mails, they will be deleted. Your name and e-mail address will NOT be saved or placed in a database of any type. This will give you the ability to enter the contest each month. Only one submission will count per email address/facebook message.

I already own the game you’re giving away?

If you already own all of the games that are posted for the contest, you will be given a chance to either pick up a 3 month subscription to Xbox Gold card or you may choose another game of your choice as long as I(Nerdiots) approve the title and cost. Which means that if you pick a game that is greater than $20.00 USD, you’ll have to pick again. Check out prices on amazon for games before you go with this option.

What if I don’t want any of these games?

The remaining option for the winner is a 3 month subscription card to Xbox Gold.

How long will it take for me to receive my prize?

It can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

OMGOSH, Why so long to send me a game?!?

Well, there are a lot of factors that come into play, such as if you respond to the emails or facebook messages and what prize you choose. If the game is not available locally, I may have to order it online and then ship, which means I have to wait for it to ship to me so I can verify the contents, then ship to you.

My game came broken, or damaged, what do I do? Can I get a refund?

No, Not much you can do, I will put insurance on everything I send out, but I’m not refunding a free game. Not sure why someone would ask. If it does come damaged, you are more than welcome to send it back. There are no guarauntees.

Can I just have some cash instead?


This is a contest that I am holding, I am using my own money to fund this. Not as a gimmick or a scheme, but it’s my way to give to the community of gamers who dedicated to Xbox 360. I’m interested in seeing what games everyone is interested in. This gives me ideas for the site as well and may help people out in the long run. This site is meant to be fan driven, and in the future it will be more so that way. I’m looking forward to everyones images. Also, I do have a sense of humor about things, but if you send me something that is drastically offensive to the point where it is illegal, I will take action against that. So stay within the rules and play good for a chance to win some free stuff each month!

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