The Bioshock Universe comes Full Circle



When Bioshock Infinite first came out it tempted players with the question,
“Will the circle be unbroken?” amongst many others. I am happy to say that a year later all these questions have been answered and more. Bioshock Infinite came out exactly one year ago to the day I am writing this and while it was a long and painful wait, Irrational has delivered beyond expectation.

Burial at Sea Episode 2′s story is a lengthy 5-6 hours, minimum, but if you take the time to search every little nook and cranny as I did to find the few optional tasks, you can easily spend up to 8 hours on a single play through. Playing as Elizabeth actually feels different than play as Booker. With Booker you could run out guns and vigors ablaze and take out the entire wave of enemies, while playing as Elizabeth is focused more on strategy. The new “Peeping Tom” plasmid for instance is custom tailored for a stealth play-through letting you turn invisible and see enemies through walls, use this together with the Crossbow equipped with the tranquilizer and gas darts and you have a perfect set up to go for a no-kill-play-through (which you can actually get an achievement/ trophy for wink wink). For those who are not so into the stealth play and want a more “traditional” Bioshock feeling you are free to use the “Old Man Winter” plasmid and the Shotgun or Hand Cannon to blast through enemies, though even when doing this, you will notice you need to use a bit more strategy. Elizabeth unlike Booker has no shields, so avoiding damage altogether is usually the best route. Though I found the stealth twist to combat a very welcoming change from Bioshock Infinite’s usual pace.

peeping tom

Now the story, I am going to try to do this the best I can without giving spoilers because almost everything in this game, even some audio diaries you find, shed an amazing light on the entire Bioshock universe. The game picks up right where episode 1 left off. Elizabeth is now alone in Rapture without the use of her tear powers, she is still looking for a little sister named Sally, but the plot unfolds into so much more than that. If you have played the original Bioshock there is even more to love, tons of connections and references. I found myself constantly thinking “Have they been planning this from the beginning?” if not, they have some amazing story tellers over at Irrational Games because everything feels perfectly in place and makes perfect sense. Every setting from an idyllic Paris that feels it is straight out of a Disney classic, to the dark steam-punk world of Rapture are designed with brilliant and meticulous detail. When I first started playing the game I found myself walking around just looking at everything, captivated by the set pieces. The story, game play and amazing cast of characters only added to the overall epic feeling of the game.



Overall, this is everything I wanted and more as a wrap up to not only Bioshock Infinite but Bioshock as well and I could not be happier with the result. I have played some full campaigns that don’t have the story or impact that this DLC has. This is a must play for any and every fan of this series.

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