Make a Splatoon

I was feeling pretty pretty damn uninterested by the E3 news so far. What with all the remakes of old games and how all the sequels are basically the same game, only this time with co-op (yes I am looking at you Ubisoft). I know I shouldn’t really be looking to E3 for originality, but when even a sequel I am looking forward to just seems to be more of the same, only with mountains (Far Cry 4) it is hard not to get a little down.

Then Nintendo had their conference and, perhaps predictably, I got my excitement back. There was one game shown that really stood out, and weirdly it wasn’t Zelda (don’t get me wrong that looks fab too). It was a game called Splashtoon, a very Nintendo take on the multiplayer shooter. It is 4vs4 and all the weapons spray a paint of your teams colour. The objective being not just kill you opponents but to dominate the map with your colour. You can even dive into your paint and move faster, in a form not unlike a squid.

It stood out for many reasons. A shooter that didn’t rely on Bromance and explosions to sell it. A game that had actual bloody colours in it. And above all, a new and interesting idea. Being able to create your own paths and shortcuts, being aware of the paint colour around you and the way the paint will change the map. This all sounds loads of fun. Add in a crisp, charming visuals and a complete lack of gruff military men and you have a multiplayer shooter I could fall in love with.

I really like the Wii U, despite it’s woes and I really hope this succeeds against the sea of drabness.

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