The New Faces of X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past Bishop.  Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment

As with most X-Men movies comes some new mutants.  So let’s take a look and see exactly what Bryan Singer may have in store for us with his new additions to the cast.

The hair is a dead give away.

The hair is a dead give away.

Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

Extremely talented actor Evan Peters, most recently finished his third season of American Horror Story.  In the upcoming X-Men Days of Future past he will be playing the speedster Quicksilver.  This is the same character that is going to be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Quicksilver and his twin sister Scarlet Witch (also appearing in Age of Ultron) are the children of Magneto.  They were raised by Django and Marya Maximoff, a gypsy couple not knowing that Magneto was their true father.  Although Scarlet Witch doesn’t seem to have a significant roll in XDoFP (or seem to be a twin) the two are generally inseparable.  Quicksilver’s incredible speed cause him to carry a type of arrogance that will be great to see on screen.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver

“Hey Evan! I challenge you to see who is a better quicksilver!” (Image courtesy of ScreenCrush)

Evan Peters Quicksilver Scarlet Witch

Nice hair. (Image courtesy of


X-Force's Warpath

X-Force’s Warpath

Warpath / James Proudstar

Booboo Stewart may have reached the spotlight for his roll in Twighlight where he played one of those shirtless werewolves, but don’t hold that against him.  In XDoFP Booboo will be playing an Apache Native American.  In the comic series Proudstar originally took his brother’s name of Thunderbird and went after the X-Men who he blamed for the original Thunderbird’s death.  He later changed his mind about the X-Men and became a key member in various X-Force teams.

Honey Boo-boo

No, not that Booboo

Warpath’s skill set include super human strength and resistance to injury, as well as heightened agility and senses (sight, smell, and hearing).  These abilities make him a great warrior and tracker; and some have even argued a stereotypical representation of Native Americans.

Warpath from Days of Future Past

What, no tomahawk? (Image courtesy of Empire Magazine)

I hope to see Warpath getting some valid screen time.  Rumor has it that Fox is planning to branch off into an X-Force series of movies.  It has been reported that Fox has already hired Jeff Wadlow (the writer-director for Kick-Ass 2) to work on the potential spin-off.  If there is an X-Force series planned for the future then there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing more of Booboo in the future.  Just picture a seven foot Native America with duel bowie knifes taking down sentinels with a mere clap of his super strengthened hands.

Chayton Littlestone from Banshee

I would’ve much rather scene Geno Segers from Banshee playing this roll.

Blink Image

Blink from X-Men

Blink / Clarice Ferguson

Bingbing Fan will be making the transition from Chinese movies to American with her roll in XDoFP.  The Chinese born actress will be playing the teleporter Blink.  Blink was introduced to the X-Men series in the 90s and was quickly killed off, but she quickly became a fan favorite during the Age of Apocalypse storyline.  The character that currently exists in the main marvel universe is actually the original Blink that was resurrected, and not the beloved Age of Apocalypse version;  The Age of Apocalypse version of the character later went onto travel with the Exiles (a band of alternate reality jumping X-Men).

Sexy Bingbing

Don’t hit on someone that can teleport your ‘parts’ somewhere else

With the next X-Men movie to be announced being X-Men: Apocalypse it is also likely that we may be seeing Blink in the near future of the X-Men cinematic universe.  Blink has the ability to teleport, and at a more defined way than most X-Men.  She can teleport herself, others, groups of people, large objects, and even pieces of objects.  Her powers manifest in the form of crystal shaped energy spikes which she can throw, and is usually followed by the sound ‘blink’.  Her most defining characteristic is her pink complexion, which the hair and makeup artists for XDoFP did a wonderful job at.

Days Of Future Past Blink Image

Check out that makeup! (Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox, and Marvel)

Sunspot Image

Sunspot from New Mutants

Sunspot / Roberto da Costa

Another actor making their transition to America cinema is Adan Canto.  Canto recently played Paul Torres in the TV series The Following.  The Mexican native will be playing the impulsive Afro-Brazilian mutant Sunspot.  Sunspot has mostly been featured in the New Mutants comic, however he also made a short run in X-Force.  The character has the ability to absorb solar energy, and convert that energy into physical strength and durability.  He can also channel the stored solar energy into solar blasts which he sometimes uses to fly.  Sunspot has been around since the 80s, and even had an incarnation in the Age of Apocalypse storyline (starting to see the pattern? Age of Apocalypse, X-Force).

Adan Canto Image

“Hey ladies, want to stick around and watch the sun rise?”

Another great 90s X-Men, with a giant oversized gun

Another great 90s X-Men, with a giant oversized gun

Bishop / Lucas Bishop

French actor Omar Sy will be playing Bishop, the man from the future that can wear whatever hat is given to him.  Bishop has been a soldier, a concentration camp refugee, time traveler, a police officer, even an assassin bent on killing a baby.  Most recently Bishop spent time on X-Force, but he was introduced when he traveled back in time as a time cop.  Bishop was the son of Aborigine mutant refugees that had fled to America from Australia.  He was raised in a mutant concentration camp.  When Bishop got older he joined the Summers rebellion and later the Xaviers Security Enforcers where he traveled back in time and has remained, off and on, since.  Bishop also played a key roll in the Age of Apocalypse, an alternate timeline where Professor Xavier died at a young age and never formed the X-Men.  In this timeline he was one of the only people that remembered how everything was supposed to be, due to his traveling to and from the future so many times.

Omar Sy screaming

Fun fact, Omar Sy is also going to be in the upcoming Jurassic World.

Ink / Eric Gitter?


“Dude, I’m so hardcore. I have superpowered tats.”

Young actor Gregg Lowe will be playing Ink in the upcoming X-Men movie.  There’s only one character I know of in the X-Men universe codenamed Ink, and that’s Eric Gitter.  He first appeared in Young X-Men #1 and was quickly written in as a traitor to the team.  Not just a traitor but not even a real mutant.  Ink was getting his powers from another mutant that could assign powers based on the tattoos he gave people.  I think the fact that Ink made it onto iO9′s list of “The 12 Most Pointless X-Men” kind of sums up the character.

I have no idea what Singer has in mind for a character like Ink, but so far I’m left with one thought: “Seriously?  Ink?”

Greg Lowe

I wonder if Greg Lowe is going to shave his head for the roll.

X-Men Days of Future Past will be released in May 2014.  The series is a direct sequel to X-men: First Class, but will also tie the new series together with the original X-Men Trilogy.

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