Scratched disks? No more!

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As a gamer, I have had my fair share of scratched disks, whether it was due to letting a friend borrow it or your cat deciding it has found its new favorite toy. And what I hate even more is having to replace the disk or pay someone a nice sum of money to have the disk cleaned. Well, awesome nerds, I have found a wonderful thing that will hopefully end your frustrations!

Very recently, I came upon my old original Xbox. Due to my love for old-school gaming, I absolutely had to use it again. But sadly, I couldn’t find any of my games for it. I was at a friend’s house later that day, and he was going to get rid of a copy of TesIII: Morrowind. I immediately asked if I could have it, and his reply was “Pfft, good luck. It’s so scratched up, it’s ruined.”

I took the game anyway, and sure enough, my Xbox gave me the dreaded message of “Your Xbox can’t recognize this disk.” I was so sad. I just wanted some nostalgic gaming, to relive my childhood among  the people of Tamriel!

I wasn’t going to stop though. With the ways things are these days, I figured anything was possible. After some quick researching, I found an old forum of someone mentioning the use of “car paint polish” to clean disks. I thought “Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.” After spending way too long looking through my garage, I found a bottle of Scratch Out, a polish used to fill in scratches on car paint. After reading over the bottle, I think “Yeah, sure, let’s give it a try.” I applied it to this disk, let it sit, and then cleaned it off. I wasn’t hoping for much, but when I put it into the Xbox, the beautiful sounds of the Morrowind theme song started playing and the lovely 2000′s graphics shone proudly! Oh, what a glorious day it was!

I decided to use it on my scratched Playstation games as well, and I was suddenly playing Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts! Oh yes, I am indeed a happy gamer once again.

So if your favorite game ever gets scratched to the point of no return, look for a bottle of Scratch Out in a local automotive store. For those of you not near an automotive store, they are also available on or There are also other brands of polish available, such a Blackfire and Prima, if Scratch-Off isn’t available. Good luck, awesome nerds, and happy gaming!


(Scratch Out: Clear Coat Scratch Remover. Avg price, $6/£3.6)

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(For reference, the scratches in the disk.)

Photo Mar 25, 2 10 26 PM

(Hooray! Happy gamer!)


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