The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale


Another season of the walking dead has come and gone now. And now it’s time for me to spill my guts on how I feel about what JUST happened.

So as each season has come to an end we have seen characters die, main characters. Last season we had watched Andrea bite the bullet, and I was expecting some MAJOR main character twists and deaths in this season finale. However, I was let down. With only 5 minutes left of the show, I sat on the edge of my seat as our quartet entered what appeared to be an abandoned railroad car. But first, what let them here?

This episode, entitled “A”, started out with flashbacks to the prison, which seemed to make almost no sense, other than to steal time away from the show and make it seem like something important was going on. Honestly, I get so tired of flashbacks to characters that don’t mean much to the current plot. Anyways, we are following Rick, FINALLY after like 4 episodes without him. Rick, Michonne and Carl are on there way to Terminus, when at night while camping near a broke down truck, they encounter Daryl’s new friends. Now I’m not gonna ruin the fun here, but HOLY [email protected]#$ Rick went nuts. But he did it to save his kid, which anyone would do and finally Daryl and Rick are brothers united once again.

Back on the road again, with more flashbacks to the prison, our group comes to Terminus. This is where the excitement, and by excitement I mean boring 20 minutes with gun fire, all starts. The group is met by Gareth, who appears to be the leader of terminus, and Rick and his gang are de-armed, frisked and then re-armed(?!). I guess they were just trying to show some trust, but whatever.

Shortly after the frisky business, Rick and company are lead out to the open area where the woman at the grill is barbequing something(someone?) delicious. Well to keep things short and sweet, Rick flips out after seeing all his old friends gear being worn by the locals of Terminus and decides to run for it, but not by choice.

Guns are firing at the gang, but not hitting them, leading them like mice in a maze to the cheese at the end. They run through multiple areas, but two areas of interest, the ceremonial area, which I believe is where they are sacrificing or doing some sort of weird rituals. And the other area, where all the human bones and left overs are laying scattered on the ground. Continuing their gun chased journey, they end up at the railroad car. Gareth then tells them to go inside, without a choice, they enter. And guess who is there.. OMG. Glenn, Maggie, and the rest of the group.

So what is the deal with this? Why are they in this car and what could possibly happen next?!
Well, I think Terminus is full of cannibals, Obviously! And they were lead into their holding cell awaiting the feast that they will be the main course of. Rick left it as if he and his group were completely bad ass, with the last liner of “They’re screwing with the wrong people”. I’m scared for the next season now, I feel as though the show is becoming boring and miss leading us with a little excitement here and there, and now we have to wait MONTHS to see where Judith and Beth are. All I can say is, way to leave us hanging!

I’ll have more to talk about on The Walking Dead this summer when I start reading the comic books. So stay tuned for more!

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