Superior Spider-Man: Its all done now.

Superior Spiderman is over. 32 issues and its all done. we muse and discuss the series as an event.


Spiderman was broken down into three distinct acts.

Act 1: becoming a hero, the villain trying to be the hero. Pure and desperate . wanting to succeed. Giving a shit, for real.

Act 2: being his own man, building his own legacy. The golden age of superior spiderman. Realising that hes not peter Parker and moving on. Rejecting MJ finding Anna maria, placing the foundations for Parker industries. Giving a shit but about himself and his own plans/future.

Act 3: the slow and meticulous burning of Rome. We see superior spiderman falling apart and eventually conceding that has not man enough. Essentially suicide. He gave up because he was scared to try. Is this because peter bested him emotionally from the inside? Did peter destroy him utterly?

Was he bad?: So let’s look at what superior spiderman actually did… Was he a hero? After all he DID conquer crime in the city and if it wasn’t for Goblin related interference all would have been well. Granted he did it in a sinister way.

The black mailing of JJ.
The utilising of an evil robot.
Minion…. Minions dude.
Spider robots.
Killing peter, again.
The torture of the daemon dude. Dark…
Evil corporation.
The whole venom thing.
Leaving the Avengers.
Evil NSA spy spider robots.

The outcome: In the end, peter got back, kicked ass. But did he do anything Doc Ock wouldn’t have? How is the fall-out going to impact the Amazing Spider-Man? Was it worth it?

Hex’s alternate ending: Time travel. Let’s show Ock how everything goes wrong no matter what he does, but how everything is great if peter is in control. I’m thinking madam web, and a scenario involving venom.

Was it an event?: Was this whole thing an event? Was it the biggest comic book event ever?

Are we pleased?: did we like it in the end?

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