Resident Evil 7 Coming soon

resident evil 7

The rumor about Resident Evil 7 is that the game will be revealed at this years E3. There’s not a lot of information regarding this, and the image above seems to be some sort of “leaked” logo design. This could have been fan made, as it seems a lot of fan made posters circulate the internet pretty quickly, but if this is real it’s really well done.

The slogan on the Resident Evil 7 poster gives us the impression that this may be the end of the series by saying “The War Ends Now”.

The game may be exclusive to the PS4 on it’s release

One other rumor is that the game may potentially go back to it’s survival horror roots, if this is the case then this may regenerate the series in my opinion. The action/adventure survival horror is fun, but ever happened to the days where you have to actually think and solve puzzles. Gamers must miss these aspects of gaming as much as I do, I hope anyways.

Check out this video by FRIENDLLY Ai on YouTube about the Resident Evil 7 rumors.

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