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***If you haven’t seen Contracted, do not read any further!***

Contracted came out in November of 2013, an independent film by Eric England(Who has literally done nothing I’ve heard of). The movie has a kind of slow feel to it to start, and revolves around a young woman who lives with her mother, temporarily. She’s at a party, and meets a guy and soon after they’re having sex in his car. The page for this movie says that she was date-raped, seemed pretty consensual to me. Anyways, this girl starts getting SEVERLY messed up, starting with bleeding out of her vagina like crazy! Toilets and bath tubs filled with blood, blood all over the floor, so much blood, actually it wasn’t that much but there is a really gross blood filled toilet scene. I’m a huge horror film fan, and these independent films are always something else, but this one sits up there with Cabin Fever 2: Spring Break.

As you can see, Samantha starts out really pretty.. But that all changes really fast.

As the movie goes on, she progressively gets worse.. losing fingernails, teeth, and hair. I think for me the most disgusting part of the movie was her tearing off her own fingernails while at work, no less. BTW, she works preparing food at a restaurant. Her eyes look as though she has the worst case of pink eye EVER and she gets this nasty rotting lip thing on her bottom lip. I think it’s pretty impressive that the movie poster image of her was actually right on with how she looked during the film, something you don’t normally see. I’ve seen posters of creatures, expecting to see the same in the movie, and being left disappointed, but not with this one.


There’s really not too much to the story, girl gets raped, starts feeling ill, goes to the doctor, starts falling apart and goes psycho. The acting was really good, the only actor during the movie I thought was lousy was the doctor. He seemed like a $50 stand-in with a couple lines. Samantha is a lesbian, and that adds to the story a bit with some jealousy from her friend who is in love with her, plus the added interest of a man who digs Samantha as well.

I know I say spoiler, but I’d rather not spoil this one, the ending was actually really good and worth watching the movie to see. Samantha really gets on the edge, and watching her fall over it is fantastic. And before I forget, one last details.. The worms. Don’t watch this movie if blood makes you squeamish.

Just to add an update, and I’ll keep this short, I’m retracting my statement about her being “raped” and that it “seemed consensual to me”. I feel that those two statements were made before I watched the movie a second time and caught a few things I missed the first time through. I apologize for any offense.

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  1. Mai says:

    Wow. Drunk, drugged and begging to stop = consensual sex to you.

    • The Nerdiot says:

      This was actually really non observant of me, I got to the end again the other day and realized that her drug dealer(can’t remember his name), said he “might have sold some ruffies to a guy named BJ”. And obviously the “I didn’t have a drink, did I?” scene should have given it away, but again this was a spot where I wasn’t paying attention. I’m still going to go with consensual, only because I feel that despite the drugs and drunken behavior and I may be reading too deep or making stuff up, but I feel that she was stressed out, hadn’t been with a guy in 8 months(who she had cheated on her girlfriend with, note the 10 month anniversary) and she just let it slip, her girlfriend wasn’t trusting her or being active sexually, leaving her depressed at the party because she didn’t show up. Same with the drug use later on, old habits die hard and we don’t know how she was when she cheated with the guy during the first 2 months of her relationship with her girlfriend, but we do know she was abusing drugs and had something clearly wrong with her during that period. Along with this theory, I think this “BJ” knew about her temporary depression and current relationship status, which is why he took advantage of the situation, but I do think it’s possible that she let the situation advance willingly even with the ruffies just based on her current relationship and her past.

      Completely open for discussion on this though, let me know what you think with that being said.

      • Jason Kelley says:

        your using a what was she wearing type attitude let me just say that if she says no thats no it doesnt matter what her relationship status is or that she was depressed consensual means completely willing to act out said sexual scene, also if you are drugged by ruffies you have no control so yes it is rape when someone says shes to drunk…. there not joking because while drunnk one cannot give consent I am really disgusted actually

        • The Nerdiot says:

          I mean no offense when I posted, my understanding of what I saw was definitely off from what others see. I have watched the movie through twice now, and I do retract my statement of it being consensual. I have never been drugged or even on drugs, so honestly I can’t make a judgement on what the effects would be on a person. I know that I have a good friend who abused a lot of different drugs throughout his life and it became harder for him to hit that “high” feeling. So with that, I made a judgement based on the fact that she was a drug abuser at one point, and personally I don’t know the feelings or effects of ruffies, but I would assume that if one was used to these things, that it would take a lot to give a pretty hard high.

          Again, I am just trying to get some conversation started, not trying to disgust or offend and I do apologize, I really like to discuss movies and try to dive deeper into characters, and this was a movie that I really enjoyed and I feel there should be knowledge of the main character.

  2. dan b says:

    I watched the movie not but a week ago and was incredibly unmoved. While the gore effects were pretty gross and well done it was kind of a horrible flick. not to mention the maggot part… you know the one.

    basically as far as I was concerned there wasn’t anything redeemable about the movie. The plot line was basically a selfish bi-curious bitch being a bitch, then doing more bitchy things while her body gave out on her because she had sex with a guy. No plot lines were concluded in any gratifying way and there was absolutely no sympathy generated for her victims, or any plausible back story about the roofie guy and his mysterious necrotic std. Most of supporting characters themselves had ridiculous alienating flaws, obsessed restaurant patron, tramp best friend, manhating lesbian, and what really got me going was that she was making out and having sex with these people who were mysteriously so excited about boning this girl that they couldnt notice her sick and discoloured skin or blood eyes… or black teeth.

    the movies gore was tasteful but not enough to salvage this film from a dark future at the bottom of the bin.

    don’t watch, boring waste of time

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