Diablo 3′s new loot system really is special


Me and my fellow blogger @HexDSL play a lot of Diablo 3 together, I mean a hella lot. He plays his Wizard and I play my Demon Hunter, and we have been hammering it for literally a year. But the other night some unforeseen consequence of the new loot system kicked in. For the most part a Wizard and a Demon hunter want completely different stats on items, so there has never been any loot envy. The other night that changed.

An Amulet (a nice way of saying necklace) dropped for my Demon Hunter. And in all respects it was great for my character and useless for Hex’s Wizard, dexterity rather than intelligence. Except for a new feature of Reaper of Souls,  bonus aspects on items that give boosts to a specific ability or change a feature of your character. This amulet had a pretty god damn amazing bonus. It made it so my character was immune to all arcane damage 7gG1Hand my DH would be healed for 23% of the damage he would of taken. This is the bonus that made Hex green with envy.

The reason being that a lot of bosses drop what the game calls arcane beams. Me and Hex refer to them as spinning pink beams of death. Basically they are lines of killing that rotate from one end that do massive damage to any player they hit. They are Deadly, particularly in an enclosed area. But there is me, thanks to my new amulet, stood on the fixed end of the beam, happy as anything, whilst Hex is stuck dodging between multiple pink beams of murder.

In the many years of us playing many games together, this is the first time this has happened. We used to play a lot of Battlefield and similar, and even though I might have unlocked a new scope or similar ahead of him, lets be honest it is very difficult to be jealous of something that is practically the same as the item you had. This drop in Diablo is pretty game changing. Being able to completely change the way I deal with  certain bosses, and I think that is where the envy comes in.
If you were to ask Hex, he would probably tell you my character does more damage than his. This has never bothered either of us because his Wizard has cool spells that have saved our asses multiple times. I think the envy comes in because he now has a weakness that my demon hunter doesn’t. His character is vulnerable in a way that mine just isn’t any more, unless I take the amulet off (that’s not very likely). I was fascinated that one small change has, for the first time in a decade of playing games together, resulted in an emotional response. It may not have been a positive emotional response, but I still can’t think of a greater recommendation for Reaper of Souls.


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