The Walking Dead Season 5 Returns in October

The Walking Dead Season 5

There are some photos circulating the internet right now, which can be seen here: at of Rick Grimes all beat up with what appears to be a nice little hole in his head.

Season 4 didn’t really end with a bang, we were brought to Terminus with our group, excluding Carol, Tyrese, and baby Judith. After watching the amount of horror, adventure, and just plain drama that this group has been through, what could they possibly give us next?

We have these 3 new members to the group, who Rick seemed to attach to instantly. Beth, who is completely missing, and the adventures in baby sitting with Carol and Tyrese.

A rumor going around is that Beth may actually already be in Terminus, either wound up as dinner for the canabolistic freak show or is still tied up in the trunk of a car somehwere.


As for this picture of Rick, well, it looks like Rick has the door to the train car open, and may have been beaten up a bit. So possible that he grabbed a guy who was trying to pull one out for supper, or he got into it with Glenn(theory!!)

No matter what has happened, it appears this season will be full of fun.. I hope. Last season was a bit of a bore, and left us hanging really bad.

What do you think? Season 5 going to be the end of the road for The Walking Dead? Or will this be another bore-fest?

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