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One series The CW has got right these last two years has been Arrow.  With the conclusion of Smallville The CW quickly began work on their new DC franchise.  Since it first aired in 2012 Arrow has been a huge hit for fans and critics.  With only five episodes left to it’s second season the hit show has already been renewed for a third season.  Before the premier of this season’s 18th episode (titled Deathstroke) actor Stephen Amell took to the internet to answer some burning fan questions.  Arrow’s lead star Amell, as well as the rest of the cast from Arrow, have done a great job staying in contact with their fan base.  So let’s review what we learned from the questions and answers session.

Slade’s relationship with Shadow is going to be explored more.  When Amell is asked why Slade is so hung up on Shadow, especially after not showing many feelings towards here in the flashbacks we’ve seen so far, Amell quickly came to his defense.  So far in the series we’ve seen Ollie and Shadow in a relationship and found out that Slade loved her, but haven’t seen much more interaction between Slade and her.  Amell answers that he absolutely did show his feelings to her when she was alive, and that it’ll probably be examined more.  Amell followed up by stating you can’t apply logic to someone that’s been infected with the mirakuru.

Amell seems to be a bit of a Batman fan.  Besides stating that he would like to see Oliver go up against the Dark Archer again and settle old scores, Amell also informed us of some guests he’d like to see on the show.  When asked if Batman’s old partner, Nightwing (formerly the first Robin), was ever going to be on the show Amell stated that would be a good appearance.  When asked which villain, and which actor playing that villain, he’d like Amell’s response was the Riddler.  Not only the Riddler, but played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.  Of course he did start out that statement by saying “The Riddler is my default answer to any and all villain questions.”

Probably no costumes for co-stars in the near future.  Fans that wrote in asking when Diggle and Roy Harper would get proper outfits may have found themselves disappointed with no clear answer here.  Diggle doesn’t need an outfit cause he’s Diggle, but many fans are dying to see Roy come full circle and become Arrow’s sidekick Speedy.  Amell however stated that hoodies are a proper attire, but he hopes we’ll get a costume soon.

Amell has a dry sense of humor, and it’s great for these candid interviews.  When a fan asks Amell who he thinks Ollie’s soul mate is he quickly and bluntly replied “Tommy.”  Later someone asks him “How do you stay so awesome?” in which Amell looks at the camera and without even cracking a smile replied “Drugs.” leaving enough awkward silence to give you time to finish laughing.  You have to see it to get the full effect of his humor.  Another moment during the interview he is asked “Boxers, briefs, or commando?” without missing a beat Amell exclaims “Cup.”  He even managed to give us Felicity’s phone number, “1-800-555-shes-a-fictional-character”.


We may not see The Flash again but we will see more characters from The Flash.  Amell tells us Barry is in a comma (still), but he hopes he’ll return again in the show.  When asked if Flash will return before his own show starts up we find out that people from The Flash’s universe will be appearing on the show.  So we’ll have some more appearances in the future linking the two shows.

Amell hasn’t read the finale yet.  It’s not hard to blame him, this season of Arrow has moved incredibly quick.  They’re in the process of filming their 22nd episode, and Amell just wants a little free time during the hiatus before focusing on what’s next.

Leather pants are much like ice skates, and Amell is very much Canadian at heart.  Probably the longest answer he provides is when asked how many different pair of leather pants are in the wardrobe.  Amell explains he goes through a pair every couple of months, and the first two or three days of wearing them are torture.  They have to be broke in much like ice skates, or ski boots.

Flashbacks are going to start catching up to what’s happening now.  We find out that we’ll get to see Ollie making his bow from season 1, and Amell is really excited to see it being created in the flashbacks.  That means the flashbacks will start to catch up with the events of season 1.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more Roy soon.  Amell says “We are about to unwind… unspool… uncork the Roy storyline.” whether that is referring to Arrow on the last episode giving Roy permission to not hold back against Slade or something else entirely is yet to be seen.  Judging from Roy’s storyline in the comic series it’s safe to assume we’ll watch Roy go deeper and deeper into the ‘mirakuru’ rabit hole.

Amell is up for playing Green Arrow in a movie, or even in the Justice League movie.  During the interview Amell even went as far as to say “If they’re going to make the Green Arrow movie without me they’re going to have a difficult time with me doing the Green Arrow TV show.”  He also left some suggestions for getting him into the Justice League movie, “continue to grow the Facebook page, and continue to watch the show, and continue think good shows, and most importantly continue to watch the show.”

Amell doesn’t need to workout.  Well not quite, but he doesn’t have a set regime.  He works out with a trainer, does some yoga, runs, but most importantly he’s working 14 hour days doing fight scenes and such.  The best advice he has to give is workout three and a half times a week, eat well, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.

Slade holds nothing back.  Those of you who’ve seen the last few episodes of Arrow have already figured this out.  Amell is asked “What’s your favorite thing about you and Slade?”  His response, “There are all these things that are built into superhero series that are sort of forbidden ground, things that you can’t destroy.  And my favorite thing, not about our relationship, but my favorite thing about the Slade Wilson Deathstroke character is he has no regard for these things.  He destroys all of them, in short order.”



And finally the quote of the day:

Question: Is it easy being green?  

Answer: It’s better than being purple..and I just realized that was a dig on Hawkeye, and that’s not what I meant.  Purple was just the first color that came to my brain.

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