Can it really Smite the Moba


I like League of Legends, like millions of other people out there. But there are also millions of people that like Dota2. I have tried Dota2 and didn’t really like it. The problem is, that while the I really like the one and am indifferent to the other, I would struggle to explain to someone why. They are practically the same game that are very different in hundreds of small, even seemingly insignificant ways. I have spent a decent amount of time watching and playing LoL, to the point that the various intricacies are familiar.

So when a game comes along that is “the same”, I bounce off it. Hell I barely cleared the tutorials for both Dawngate and Strife, two new MOBA’s that are so familiar they become redundant. Why start learning new characters and such in a new game, when there are still loads of characters to play in the game I am already invested in, especially as the new game is practically the same.

This is where Smite comes in, which like Dawngate and Strife, it is also a new minted MOBA. However, unlike those 2, it makes one, very significant, change to the formula. It has a different camera from all the other Dota-like games, having a third person view. So you view all the action from an above and behind your chosen character, mmoesque type. And that’s it, that’s the difference. Aside from that it is very similar, 3 lanes, creeps, a pool of champions to chose from, in this case all being based on ancient gods e.g. thor and Ra.

Because of the camera the game plays very differently, but is very easy to pick up by anyone who has some experience with a MOBA. Abilities are fired in much the same way, however they are far more dependent on blog_skin_aphroditeskill. Even auto attacks are fired in a straight line and will only hit a target if it is there when the the attack lands. Not quite twitch base, but close. Really having to predict where you enemy will be when your attack animation ends.

So this leads to games where inherently staying still is dangerous and what is behind you is scary. In moba’s I have played, your character can see in a circle around them, regardless of which way they are facing, in this you can only see what is in front of you. So diving into the jungle to circle round to gank someone is very viable, however the Jungle has very short sight lines so is full of danger as well.

It does a couple of other things that really help new players. You can set a character to auto level and autobuy items for you, and this is on by default. It is really helpful for not overwhelming new players and letting them get into the game proper quickly.

Other than that it pretty much a moba like any other. But those changes make it feel different enough to warrant playing, and enjoying. I am not going to say I will never play a game of LoL again, because Smite feels different enough to happily sit side by side. Smite even takes LoL’s economy, with 5 gods available to play free at any time with the rest unlocked with in game or paid for currency and a selection of skins to buy. I should point out that I “brought” the game. For a limited time you can buy every god there is and all future gods for $29.99, too good an offer to ignore. I should point out that had LoL have a similar offer I would definitely have taken that too.

So I recommend people try it, if you are already obsessed with a moba, it is different enough to still play. And if you have been put off play a mmo the auto levelling and camera make it very approachable.

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  1. hexdsl says:

    Gotta say, I really liked Smite.

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