Mrs Doubtfire sequel in the making


After over 20 years, a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire(1993) is in the making. Robin Williams is going to be reprising his role as the crossing dressing father of 3. What this sequel will be about is all up in the air right now? But what could possibly get Robin Williams to go back into drag?

If you remember the original film, at the very end, Robin’s character ended as the star of a children’s television show. Could the sequel take that to a whole new extreme? Maybe this time one of his children won’t let him see his grandchildren, so he has to go undercover again to trick the daytime nanny.. ok so that’s a little off the wall, but who knows what could happen.

Fact remains, Mrs. Doubtfire was the star of her(his) own television show, and that’s where it ended.

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