I tried to life as a console gamer.


I’m really not a hard core gamer. I’m maybe a hardcore Diablo 3 player. I have a PlayStation 3 that I use as a Netflix/Blueray box and the only game that ever sucked me in on that platform was Killzone 3′s multi-player but that was a long time ago now. I play games on my PC and even then I find myself playing more Indie games that those triple ‘A’ titles. As you can imagine I have ignored the Console verses PC debate for a long time now. Sure, I see the posts on reddit (/r/pcmasterrace) but I don”t really give much thought to them.

Last night I logged into Diablo 3 and the Blizzard kiosk/launcher told me all about how Reaper of Souls (the Diablo 3 expansion) is coming to console. I gave  this some thought and after a short discussion with my fellow Nerdiot (Hangman) I realised that up until now the only way to experience Diablo 3 on console was in 720 resolution. After some sniggering I decided to give it a go.  I dropped my resolution down from a healthy 1920×1080 to a ‘HD’ 1280×720.  Then I gazed at the results…

The lower resolution is not a subtle change as I expected, its a vast softening of the image and a loss of all finer detail. I realise that if I were sitting on a couch and not in the chair at my desk the change would probably not be as drastic but damn console people. what the hell?!?!?!?!? Anyone who says that 720p is ‘just fine’ is not correct. For a game like Diablo 3, it makes it look like Diablo 1, never mind 2.

This made me rub my ever bearding chin in quandary and this morning I have loaded some of my favourite games and dropped them down to 720p. This is not okay. I have tried moving further back from the screen, piping the image out to my TV and messing with brightness settings. This resolution is so far below what I am accustomed to that it was almost uncomfortable to look at. Because of the lower resolution I even had to turn down my mouse CPI in order to make it feel more fluid.

Now take this little rant with a pinch of salt because I was testing games for the most part on a rather nice 22 inch Viewsonic monitor and all of the games are ones that I play regularly and would quickly spot when something was changed. I would think that it would be less noticeable on a game like Halo 20 (or whatever is out now) where we never see the game engine in anything higher so we can not compare it directly we also rarely see an XBox being piped through a monitor and we don’t s usually sit that close to our TV’ either.


Give this new revelation I am even more confused why people don’t just build PC’s to play games on. for the price of a XBONE or a PS4 you could build a really nice ‘starter’ PC that would run anything in mid range settings (that would easily look as good as console) and with PC games being SO MUCH cheaper (Steam Sales, Good old games, Green man gaming) the money saved could pay for upgrades that would soon result in a far better experience, AND you can use it as a computer, for porn spreadsheets  or torrents social networking

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