Interview With “Synthetic” Series Creator

Synthetic is set to air in 2015

Last week we showed you the new sci-fi series you have to look forward to next year.  On the list we revealed a little bit about the new  Synthetic, which takes you into the world of Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence.  This week we had the chance to sit down with Synthetic’s creator and head writer, and chat about what we can expect from this new series.

So far not too much is known about Synthetic, so can you start out by giving us a basic plot synopsis for your show?

Synthetic is the story of Dr. Wellington Smith. He’s a Scientist that specializes in Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence. He’s the creator of Artificial Intelligent Systems which has changed the world. He creates a simulation of his subconscious mind. In order to save his wife’s life whose was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, he speeds up the testing of the simulation and a synthetic copy of his DNA gets trapped inside. Inside the simulation, the synthetic copy of his DNA jumps from experience to experience and he has to piece together who he is without a conscious filter. I describe it as Quantum Leap meets Inception.

Will we see the outcome of Dr. Wellington Smith’s wife?

Yes, she will play a big role in the resolution of the story.

Where will the series be based, what city, what year?

It will be based in Ohio and it will be set in the year 2030.

Your main protagonist is Dr. Wellington Smith, what types of antagonists will he be coming up against during the series?

The main antagonist will be an Artificial Intelligence System named Domino. Domino can appear as a male or a female and Domino is threatened by Dr. Smith’s consciousness in the simulation because the stronger his consciousness gets the more control he has over the simulation and the less freedom and power Domino has.

Will the show primarily be based within the synthetic world?

Yes, Synthetic Biology will play a big role in the series.

What inspired you to create a show about synthetic biology and artificial intelligence?

I’m a science geek so I read all I can about where we may be headed as a species in terms of science and technology. I read a book called Regenesis by George Church on Synthetic Biology and I read some of the work by Futurist Ray Kurzweil on Artificial Intelligence. I also took a Certification course in Hypnotherapy and in Hypnosis you learn that the subconscious mind stores a lot of information that doesn’t make it past your conscious filter. So I thought about what it would like to have to figure out who you are just based on the information from your subconscious mind without that conscious filter. Just think, your subconscious is filled with things like repressed memories and information that never makes it to your conscious awareness. So in one experience he may be a Garbage Man and in the next experience a Science Fiction Author. In each experience he picks up bits and pieces about the life of Wellington Smith.

There have been past series that have explored similar topics, like Caprica and even the upcoming movie Transendence, how do you feel synthetic will differ from the others?

I liked Caprica and that show was basically a precursor to Battlestar Galactica. I think the holobands created by Graystone Industries was an interesting part of that show and I wish it would have made it to more seasons. I saw the trailers for Transcendence and I plan on going to see that when it comes out. The main difference is Wellington is trapped in a simulation of his own subconscious mind and he doesn’t know if the people he interacts with during these experiences represent real people or are they just created for the simulation. So Wellington is experiencing his life and learning about who he is through the simulation.

How far into production is the series?

We’re just at the beginning stages and we’re in talks with some major actors to star as Dr. Wellington Smith. When a casting decision is made I will let you know which Actor was cast.

Where will the series be pitched to, or are you planning on an online release?

Me and My Agent are currently looking at the SyFy Channel or one of the major networks. I also might do a 6 episode webisode series telling the story of Dr. Wellington Smith and his groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence.

Have you been picked up by any networks, or in talks with any at this point?

We haven’t been picked up yet but we do have some strong interest in the series. We also want to look to online avenues like Hulu or Amazon. Amazon just picked up a Sci-Fi series called The After from X-Files creator Chris Carter.

Have you began shooting the pilot yet, if not when can we expect for a pilot to be released?

After casting and setting up meetings with cable, online and TV networks, the Pilot should air sometime in 2015.

Anything else you’d like to say to the sci-fi fans that are eager to see this series?

The Sci-Fi fans will love Synthetic. It will be must see TV from week to week as the story of Dr. Wellington Smith unfolds. Thank you for the great questions.


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