X-Men will be in Amazing Spiderman 2


Marvel movies are well known for having their ‘After Credit’ scenes.  Many of us have been sticking around to see these scenes since the X-Men movies were first showing in theaters.  With the newest Amazing Spiderman movie, Amazing Spiderman 2, you can stick around and get a glimpse of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

At the end of Amazing Spiderman 2 there’s a scene that which showcases a few character from Days of Future Past.  The scene has nothing to do with Amazing Spiderman, but rather is an advertisement to get everyone excited about the next X-Men movie.  This is a bit strange because Sony owns the rights to Spiderman, and 20th Century Fox own the rights to X-Men.

Variety found out that Marc Webb, the directory of Amazing Spiderman, had a previous contract with Fox to direct one of their movies.  Fox agreed to allow Webb to direct Spiderman as long as Sony would promote their movie for free.  So there you have it, for those fans currently wondering if there is going to be a crossover of the two that would be a big negative.

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